Leadership & Public Engagement

Southern Journalists Roundtable
A once-a-semester gathering of journalists who report and analyze issues in Southern states, as well as Washington, D.C. The journalists meet with faculty and graduate students, as well as invited presenters.  The roundtables are designed to meet three objectives: 1) to give journalist who focus on Southern state governments and politics an opportunity to exchange ideas and information, 2) to connect these journalilsts with scholars and informed sources and 3) to spotlight trends and issues in the South.  Graduate and undergraduate journalilsm students are invited to the discussions, as well as political scientists and other scholars who comment on public affairs.

NC Journalists Roundtable
A North Carolina specific-version of the Southern Journalists Roundtable.

Leadership Seminars for Southern Legislators
An annual four-day seminar held on the Chapel Hill campus, conducted in collaborations with the UNC Program on the Humanities and Human Values.  More than 130 legislators from 10 states have participated in the eight seminars offered since 1999.

2007 Seminar – November 11-14


Governor Winter (D-MS, Term: 1980-84) Speech

NC Legislative Seminars
The Program, along with the School of Government, convened first-term North Carolina legislators twice, both before and after the 2003 session of the General Assembly.  Lawmakers discussed the state budget-making process, legislative redistricting, decisionmaking in a representative assembly, N.C. history and constitution, and the conduct of the state House under a co-speakership.

Carolina Seminars on Policy Development
From September 2003 through the spring 2005 semester, the Program, along with the UNC Office of Economic and Business Development, has co-sponsored a Carolina Seminar series entitled, “After the Factories,” bringing together administrators and faculty from UNC-Chapel Hill and other UNC-system universities, state government officials, business executives and staff of non-profit agencies to discuss the economic trasition in North Carolina.

New Strategies for Southern Progress
Program co-sponsored with Washington-based Center for American Progress on February 24-25, 2005.  Held in Chapel Hill, approximately 250 people from across the South were in attendance.  Participants included Gov. Mike Easley (NC), former Mississippi Gov. William Winter, former U.S. Senator David Pryor (AR), former Knight Foundation president Hodding Carter III and former White House chief of staff John Podesta.