New Strategies for Southern Progress

The purpose of this conference is to begin to redefine and update a progressive narrative in the South, one that builds on the past, yet recognizes changing circumstances and new realities. Leaders from the state, local and national levels will explore policy options to address current regional challenges such as the constraints on state financing for health care and education, immigration, and the need to develop and sustain a strong, innovative, regional economy. Through panel discussions on issues that define the current Southern landscape – religion, demographic change, and economic and community transformation – we hope to identify vital components that will form the core of a revitalized Southern progressive agenda. More…

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New Strategies for Southern Progress Conference

Transcript of the entire conference:

Opening Keynote Conversation: Hodding Carter III, Mayor Howard Lee, Senator David Pryor, and Governor William Winter

Mind of the South: Understanding Public Attitudes:  Andy Brack, David Beattie, Susan Howell, Ruy Teixeira, Mac McCorkle, and David “Mudcat” Saunders

Remarks by Gov. Mike Easley

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Rethinking Tax Policy: Cassandra Butts, Iris Lav, Robert Ebel, Tom Ross, Robert “Sid” McAnnally, and Frank Shafroth
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Keynote Speeches: Perspectives on Governance: State Senator Sam Zamarripa (GA) and Congressman Kendrick B. Meek (FL)
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Rethinking the Role of the Faith Community:
 Melody Barnes, Representative David Price (NC), Reverend James Evans, Reverend Dr. Daphne Wiggins, and Reverend Maria Teresa Palmer
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The Changing Face of the South: Rethinking Culture, Community, and Politics: John Simpkins, Jim Clinton, State Representative Joyce Elliot (AR), Mayor Raul Martinez (FL), and Professor Larry Griffin